Avista Commercial Lighting Incentive Agreement

For more information about Business Incentives, click on the topic below. Questar Gas encourages private customers to purchase and install solar hot water systems at home. Discounts of $US 750 per system are granted to Questar customers who install solar hot water heating systems, including pool heating. To be able to participate, customers must attach to their requests an invoice or receipt containing the date of purchase, the price and a description of the equipment. Detailed information can be found in the application form and additional information. For more information on business stimuli, please visit the Idaho Department of Commerce website commerce.idaho.gov/incentives-and-financing/. Avista offers numerous incentives to its commercial and industrial customers wishing to improve the energy efficiency of installations or equipment. A number of incentive options are available for heating and cooling appliances, refrigeration, lighting, motors, frequency converters, automatic controls, appliances, PCs, LEED certification, retro-commissioning and other energy-efficient measures. Below is a list of all the programs offered. Please visit the program website above to see specific details. Idaho Power offers a large number of incentives for individuals in Idaho and Oregon. Customers can get a full home energy audit (including installing selected upgrades) for 99 $US for all-electric homes or US$149 for homes with gas, propane or other fuel sources.

The objective of this restructuring was to relieve commercial wind farms during the first years of operation. In 2008, Idaho passed other laws to include geothermal energy producers in this method of taxation, and solar power producers were included in legislation passed in 2016 (H.B 534). Idaho has a large number of state incentive programs as well as local incentive programs to support business creation, business expansion, and business productivity. Avista is encouraging the replacement of HLK`s existing facilities for commercial buildings with more efficient units. Calculations are more complex and location-specific than housing programs. Call us today at (509) 924-0018 if you have any questions about the program and we will help you use your HLK business incentives. Questar Gas offers incentives to project owners who integrate energy efficiency into the new building. Owners can get discounts for entire homes for building energy-efficient homes as well as discounts for new building products….


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