Candidate Agreement Meaning

7.7 Candidates` information is kept until the candidate expresses his or her information in the database, but unused data will often be removed within 2 years of receipt. At the end of this period, we will ask you if you would like to remain registered with Virtual Assistance Ltd (extension of consent) or if your records will be deleted. The data may also be deleted by Virtual Assistance Ltd at any time after a period of inactivity on the part of the person concerned (you will be notified before this deletion) The best CVs and evaluations as well as another written evaluation by PRIME employees will then be submitted to the potential employer for approval and selection. At this stage, the CVs and responses of the best candidates are also checked at the level requested by the employer and/or for security reasons depending on the mail. After the final selection, we will try to inform all Candidietes who have submitted CVs of the result and give them the opportunity to withdraw their CVs and not submit them to other interested employers. The resumes of those who withdraw during the recruitment process are destroyed and deleted from our files, unless they indicate something else. Leading candidates who have not passed the selection may be selected for an interview after selection, where their future and cv can be reassessed and a plan can be drawn up with PRIME staff. Resumes submitted for career management and resume improvement are distributed to employers and published in accordance with the candidate`s wishes. FOR DATA PROTECTION PURPOSES, PRIME Recruitment will not reach an agreement on filing CVs or evaluations with employers or on maintaining CVs if a candidate expresses a clear desire that companies do not. Application Forms and Interview Notes (for unsuccessful applicants) The following terms have the following meanings: Your CompTIA certification is based on the highest success of the CompTIA certification exam required and on compliance with the terms of this agreement. To obtain the right to use trademarks, you must also enter into a separate logo agreement with CompTIA after passing the certification (s) certification (s) required (s) exam that contains guidelines for the use of trademarks. After a candidate has received written notice of applicable offences and penalties from CompTIA, that candidate has thirty (30) calendar days to file a written claim in accordance with CompTIA`s application procedure. The applicant is required to submit a written claim within thirty (30) calendar days from the receipt of Comptia`s notification of applicable offences and penalties, accompanied by a statement justifying the reasons for the appeal, the reasons for the appeal and all Comptia`s supporting documents.

A candidate`s appeal is not considered at the end of this thirty(30) calendar day period. 8.1.5 Losses or damages of any kind that have been disclosed by the applicant to the Agency. 7.1.4 Provide the client with relevant personal data to bring candidates to the payslip and to enter out e-mail/mail contracts on a job offer determined by CompTIA Each candidate: who has been identified by CompTIA as a violation of the terms of this agreement or a reduction in the safety and integrity of the CompTIA certification program is deemed necessary or appropriate by CompTIA due to the seriousness of the incident or violation: upon receipt of a candidate`s CV for an application, PRIME staff will rate it and invite candidates for the best interview. Candidates may also be asked to perform THOMAS psychometic assessments, to help both the company and candidates better understand the candidate`s personality and ensure the “best fit” for employers.


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