F 16 End User Agreement Pakistan

“We are aware of these reports and are looking for further information,” a State Department spokesman told PTI about a report that Pakistan violated the final agreement with the United States on this week`s border with India. Pakistan has signed an agreement with the United States not to use F-16s received by the United States against any other country “I cannot confirm anything, but for political reasons, we do not publicly comment on the content of bilateral agreements we have in this regard, including U.S. defense technologies or the communications we have with other countries on this issue. The United States, which is the world`s largest supplier of high-tech defence equipment and has a strong agreement on end-user surveillance, takes all allegations of abuse of defence articles very seriously. He responded to questions that Pakistan had violated the end-user agreement on F-16 fighter jets it obtained from the United States. The agreement would strengthen U.S. surveillance of Pakistani F-16s by end-users. “Due to confidentiality agreements in foreign military sales contracts, we cannot discuss the details of the end-user agreements contained in them,” Lt Col Kone Faulkner, a defense ministry spokesman, told PTI. But before reaching a verdict or reaching a conclusion, it must establish some facts on the ground if Pakistan violated the D-16 agreement signed by the United States on end-users.

“I haven`t seen these end-user agreements. I am not in a position to comment on that,” said the senior Pakistani diplomat. Asked about media reports that the United States is asking for more information about Pakistan`s misuse of F-16 against India in the event of a possible violation of the final agreement, he said: “I think the question is whether Pakistan is prevented by end-user agreements.” The U.S. State Department said the U.S. is seeking more information from Pakistan about the possible misuse of U.S.-made f-16 fighter jets against India, in violation of the end user agreement. India launched an anti-terrorist operation in Balakot on 26 February. . Well, a liquid window that is smart enough to reduce electricity consumption, reduce your electricity bills The Pakistani Air Force received its first F-16 from the United States in 1982. Today, the PAF has 76 F-16s in its inventory. The U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) announced Friday that it has approved a possible US$125 million sale to support Pakistani F-16 fighters.

The sale, if approved by U.S. lawmakers, would also expand oversight of the final use of Pakistan`s F-16s. According to an unnamed U.S. State Department spokesman, who spoke with India`s PTI news agency, the new sale plan marks no change in the Trump administration`s policy of freezing security security for Pakistan. Last year, the United States ended the repayment of support funds to Pakistan and other major military aid. . “The suspension of security assistance announced by the President in January 2018 has not changed. As the president reiterated this week, we could consider reinstating some security assistance programs that are consistent with the broader tone of our relationship,” a U.S. State Department spokesman told PTI.


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