Finders Fee Contract Agreement

A Finder`s Fee agreement can also help overcome future differences of opinion and avoid so-called uncertainties. It is important to carefully consider these aspects in the Finder fee agreement and ensure that both parties meet the requirements of the agreement. PandaTip: Will you pay the affiliate based on a percentage of the contract value or in some other way? Feel free to change the above language to suit your needs. If your company decides to offer Finder`s Fees, it`s best to get all the important details in writing in a finder`s Fee agreement. Once you have defined and agreed on the ground rules, it will be easier to continue. It`s also possible that your business will decline a Finder`s Fee deal with a third-party affiliate who, instead of agreeing to get certain sales results or generate a certain number of new leads, simply agrees to introduce you into their network. If you`re getting inferior sales contacts or too much “mess” in the form of high-quality but poorly qualified leads, it may be time to find a new discoverer or adapt the terms of the contract so you don`t pay for lackluster leads…


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