Franchise Agreement Clothing Store

All royalties, advertising contributions and other amounts that FRANCHISOR FRANCHISE or its related companies must under THE FRANCHISEE are paid on time at the highest statutory interest rate on account credits opened in the state in which the STORE is located, of which one and a half per cent (1 1/2%) does not exceed. per month. FRANCHISEE must also pay a late fee of two hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00) per deposit subject to the law applicable to franchisor or its related companies. FRANCHISEE acknowledges that this paragraph D does not constitute a FrancHISORs agreement for the acceptance of such payments based on franchiSOR`s maturity or a commitment to grant loans to FRANCHISES or other financing of the SHOP business. In addition, the franchises acknowledge that the non-payment of the sums, if the amount is due, constitutes a violation of this agreement, section 13, paragraph A, notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph D. 1.02 Franchisor, not to allow the location of another Your Dollar With More Store within a mile of a location within a closed shopping centre and two miles from other sites, including a location in a strip shopping mall or a row tease overlooking a street or sidewalk. The exceptions are that Franchisor: (i) can develop and implement multi-zone marketing programs wherever they reach, and (ii) Franchisor can acquire competitors, merge with them or be acquired by competitors wherever they are. Franchisors and franchisees can recruit customers anywhere, except that franchisees must comply with Franchisor`s multi-zone marketing programs. Outside the one- or two-mile protected area of the franchise`s Store, Franchisor may set up other own franchises or franchises that can compete with the franchisee`s activities. (13) FRANCHISEE does not meet any other substantial provision of this contract, any lease or sublease, any other contract with FRANCHISOR and/or any of its related companies, or a mandatory specifications, standards or operating procedures prescribed by FRANCHISOR and does not correct this failure within fifteen (15) days of written notification of this non-compliance (which must describe the measures to be taken) to FRANCHISEE.

11.07 This agreement and the documents referred to in it constitute the whole and completeness of the agreement between Franchisor and the franchisee and replaces all previous agreements or assurances. There are no assurances, incentives, promises or agreements between the parties that are not embodied here. None of the parties are bound by the amendments, amendments or derogations to this Agreement, unless they are signed and executed in writing. Trade clothing: One aspect of the contract is unique for franchise operations, and it is “trade dress.” This is basically the use of the logo, the image of the store and the furnishings, even the clothes worn by the staff. Sometimes there are very strict requirements for commercial clothing, while others are less formal. Be sure that you can understand and follow these guidelines. And, again, who pays for every signage and special devices that are part of the trade dress? How many times do they need to be replaced? Presenting a unique public image and offering uniform product lines are an essential part of a successful franchise system. FRANCHISEE therefore agrees that THE STORE will occasionally offer brands and types of products and services indicated by FRANCHISOR.

FRANCHISEE also agrees that THE STORE will not offer other products or services without franchiSOR`s prior written authorization, nor that the BOUTIQUE or the premises it occupies will be used for purposes other than the operation of a GJC STORE in accordance with this agreement and the leasing or subletting of the rental for the premises. If this contract expires for any reason or is terminated by FRANCHISOR, the franchises and its owners agree that franchisee and its owners agree that franchiseee for a period of two (2) years from the effective date of that contract or the date on which the durc


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