G-Cloud 10 Framework Agreement (Rm1557.10)

21.07.2020 – Update – The expiration date of the G-Cloud 11 Framework is December 18, 2020. Use the G-Cloud 10 framework contract to purchase services from Monday 2 July. Suppliers are required to provide their current terms and conditions. In G-Cloud 9, 50% of vendors that sell zero have non-compliant CMs. The terms of service you have provided cannot be changed while the Framework is live. Digital Marketplace has the constantly updated list of suppliers to this agreement. So, if you want to get an advantage over a competitor, get accredited in any case! For more information about ISO27001 and its impact on the framework, visit our blog “G-Cloud 9 data security: beyond the lollipop lady”. The Digital Marketplace and all the frameworks it contains are managed by Crown Commercial Service (CCS). CSC is an executive agency and business fund of the UK Government`s Cabinet Office. Its mission is to improve the government`s commercial and procurement activities. All documents, including the call and framing contract, calendars and provider Find out what`s sold on G-Cloud, which makes a good list and even tips on how to market and sell the framework. The G-Cloud Framework is divided into categories (batches) and providers can apply for one or three depending on the solutions they offer to the public sector. G-Cloud`s batches have come a long way since their inception, with a lot of growth over the years! Currently, G-Cloud 3 has batches: although G-Cloud does not impose encrypted restrictions on providers, it of course has its own rules and regulations.

Not all companies can access the framework. Here are a few no`s: the Framework was first opened in 2012 and is now in its 12th iteration – G-Cloud 12. The 12th iteration is open to vendor applications in the summer of 2020. From its humble beginnings, it has come a long way, and even between G-Cloud 11 and 12, we`ve seen progress and positive changes in procurement with the framework. To date, there have been 12 contract calls in which vendors could list their performance in the G cloud. The G-Cloud framework is not limited, so if the application is compliant, an unlimited number of providers can join the framework. The Digital Marketplace Buyers Guide and framework agreement describe four different types of criteria that you can use to evaluate pre-selected suppliers under M.E.A.T. As there are many elements when applying to G-Cloud, we recommend that you create and use a checklist so that you stay on track. Another tip is to go to the frame and take a look at other offers for inspiration. The G-Cloud Framework is an overcrowded market, so to be one of the vendors that sell on the Framework, you need to make sure you have a great list and a G-Cloud sales and marketing strategy.

And if you don`t sell, it`s not too late to change that, you just have to find out why! To improve our work, you must complete the customer utility form when entering into a call contract. We awarded the Census Service integration contract to Bloom Procurement Services Ltd on 5 November 2018. This was a direct reward from the vendor neutral framework for north East Procurement Organisation`s specialized professional services. If you`d like to see our spending data for this deal, take a look at our online dashboard. Further information is available by e-mail cloud_digital@crowncommercial.gov.uk. To make the list on the G-Cloud framework, you don`t need to have formal security certifications….


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