Mapr End User License Agreement

2.1 Software License. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, Striim grants customer and its affiliates, for the term indicated on the order form, a non-exclusive, non-transferable license (except as provided in point 12.6) for installation (if customer chooses to install the software itself), which is available to customer under this agreement. software provided exclusively in the environment of use of the product on a client system and for the use of documentation. only for internal business purposes specific to the customer or its subsidiaries. The Customer is solely responsible for any act or omission of its subsidiaries and any breach of this Agreement by a subsidiary of the Customer shall be considered a breach by the Customer. 7.3 Effect of Termination. upon termination of the Agreement (or upon termination of a license granted under this Agreement), all rights of Customer to use the Software (or under the corresponding license) terminate and: (a) all license rights granted under this Agreement terminate immediately and Customer must immediately cease using the Software; (b) Striim`s obligation to provide support for the Software lapses; (c) Customer is required to remove all copies of the Software from Customer`s computers and to destroy or return to Striim all copies of the Software and Documentation on hardware media owned or under Customer`s control; and (d) at Striim`s request, Customer must confirm in writing to Striim that it has returned or destroyed such software and documentation. On or before the 10th Each calendar month, the customer must provide HERE with a written expense report of the units of quantity declared by the customer for the previous month. The report contains the fees and other charges due (“fee(s)) and the basis of calculation (such as assets, devices or user volume, depending on applicability), including the percentage discount applied (if expressly agreed in an addendum), currency and other information that HERE may reasonably request, including information provided by HERE to support its reporting and royalty payment obligations to its suppliers.

In order to ensure that the parties are accountable for each month, the customer must provide fee reports to HERE, even if there are no fees due. 7. Open source components. To the extent that the licensed products contain open source licenses, those licenses take precedence over this ALA with respect to the open source component. To the extent licensed products contain the GNU General Public License or the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE: (a) the software contains a copy of the source code; or (b) if you downloaded the software from a website, a copy of the source code is available on the same site; or (c) if you send a written message to HPE, HPE will send you a copy of the source code for a reasonable fee. HERE offers customer technical support (TCS) of up to 8 hours per calendar quarter for data and related products through the HERE support portal, currently located in The Agreement includes the documents listed above and contains the entire agreement between the parties regarding their subject matter and replaces all agreements, preliminary and concurrent condition sheets, statements of intent, understandings and communications, written or oral. . . .


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