Phai Legal Agreement

At the time of the evaluation, there were 11 outstanding questions regarding the interpretation of the legal constructs identified through the agreement monitoring group. Four of these issues were being formally negotiated and two others were in the process of formal mediation through the dispute resolution procedure provided for by the agreement. NRCan management representatives assured that an agreement in principle had been reached with the Municipality of Port Hope to resolve both issues through formal mediation, but these outstanding issues collectively represent a lingering risk to the project plan and projected costs. The Port of Granby project is part of the Canadian government`s Life Expectancy Initiative (UHAI) initiative. The aim is to rehabilitate the historic low-level radioactive waste found in the municipalities of Clarington and Hope Harbour. In March 2001, the federal government signed a legal agreement with the two municipalities that created PHAI and developed a plan for the Port Granby and Port Hope projects. Watch port-Granby project videos. The 2007 and 2011 evaluations have both come to similar conclusions, namely that the law agreement contains a legal obligation of Canada to implement the project and defines the roles and responsibilities of all parties. In addition, the management of contaminated soils resulting from uranium processing is part of NRCan`s nuclear mission (including radioactive waste management sub-program 2.3.4). Although the authority to carry out this work is clearly defined in the legal agreement and in accordance with NRCan`s mandate, the main activity and cost of the AGH is a large-scale public construction project, which is not an activity typically related to scientific departments such as NRCan.

The need for AHAI lies in the 2001 legal agreement between Canada and municipalities for the rehabilitation of the LLRW. Clean-up work had not yet begun during the evaluation period and the legal agreement remains in force. The administrative costs of the PVP program have been relatively high. Expenditures were higher for program management (including legal assistance costs) than for payments to PIP recipients. The Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI) represents Canada`s program, which is dedicated to the federal government`s responsibility for the long-term rehabilitation and disposal of low-level waste in the municipalities of Port Hope and Clarington, Ontario.


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