Saudi Arabia Agreement Paper

Any provision in a contract or agreement under which the craftsman waives a right founded in his favour under the provisions of this Act is null and void, even if this provision was made before the Act came into force. Any person who, by any means covered by the last paragraph of the previous article, incites or attempts to induce others to cease their activities by mutual agreement or induces them to cease this work is liable to imprisonment of one to three years or a fine of 5,000 to 10,000 SR. or both. The aim of this agreement is to protect the rights of Saudi employers and domestic workers in the Philippines and to regulate the contractual relationship between the two (Article 2). However, if the number of workers is less than fifty, the employer must provide workers with a medical assistance office that must be kept in good condition and contains drugs and antiseptics to be determined by the Minister of Health in agreement with the Minister of Health to provide first aid to workers. The contract is valid for a period of five years and may be renewed for a similar period (Article 10). If the arbitrators fail to select an arbitrator, the chairman of the primary commission, whose title is the workplace, appoints the arbitrator in question if such an arbitrator has not already been appointed in the arbitration agreement. The arbitration agreement must specify the deadlines and the internal regulations to be respected in resolving the dispute. The arbitral award of arbitrators is at first instance and may appeal to the Supreme Commission within the time, time frame and internal regulations required to appeal decisions to that board, unless the arbitration agreement expressly provides that the award is final, in which case the award is irrevocable. b) A programme is prepared in advance, in agreement with labour inspectors, in agreement with labour inspectors, for visits that should be made during the week, in order to show that, without prejudice to the conditions provided in concessions and other agreements and contracts for training, training and scholarships, each employer employing 100 or more workers must train a certain number of its Saudi workers in technical professions. no less than 5% of the total number of its workers, in accordance with a training programme to be prepared by the Ministry of Labour. A joint committee is established to regularly review, evaluate and supervise the implementation of the agreement, conduct a consultation meeting and make recommendations on dispute resolution resulting from the implementation or interpretation of the agreement (art.


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