Une Professional Staff Agreement

Collective bargaining has brought more than six million workers together for workplace improvements. The nature of the employment improvement, which is addressed by a collective agreement, is determined exclusively by the members covered by the collective agreement. Only conceived collective agreements have resulted in many of the provisions of the treaty that are dealt with in this brochure. I am referring to the university`s request for approval of the aforementioned collective agreement. I would like to make the following commitments: as this brochure shows, millions of professionals have chosen to unionize and negotiate together better wages and benefits in order to give their say on important decisions on work and to improve the quality of their work and the professional nature of their jobs. “The executive administrative payment announced on Friday is 20 per cent below the rate of inflation and 35 per cent below the average public sector wage increases. This now puts employees behind the industry and makes it even more difficult to access an EA. Following harassment and sexual assault that has rocked the entertainment industry, creators have launched a new initiative to combat sexual harassment and exchange best practices in all occupations in a wide range of occupations. Through their unions[xviii], they are committed to working together to achieve industry-wide improvements and to work together to find new ways to eliminate workplace harassment. [xix] If you are interested in a trade union, you can contact us. A staff member may request a contract with the university for the acquisition of 10 days (2 weeks) or 20 days (4 weeks) of additional leave over a 12-month period.

Union membership and collective bargaining win the voice of professionals in the way wages are set. Many collective agreements set guaranteed minimum wages for different positions as well as annual minimum wage increases. Individual employees can then negotiate a higher salary based on individual benefits, past experience or other factors. For many professionals, union membership can mean the difference between the salary enough to support their family and the livelihood to pay. Unless otherwise stated: Minimum wages for full-time workers will be as described below: “The NTEU insists that management is putting on the table substantial negotiations on our claims that have been on the table for almost a year, including improved over-insurance, access to safe work for casual and temporary workers, improved workload/quarter, granting redundancy review rights and, of course, a wage increase that is not ridiculous.” “We say, look who`s really doing the work here, without employees attending meetings, they`ll have a hard time running the place.” “To ensure that employees are not disadvantaged during the discussions, the university has informed staff that they will receive a 1.5 per cent pay increase in July. This increase is in line with the results of enterprise bargaining across the sector, with some universities paying an average annual increase of less than 1.5%. Staff and patient care are often major problems for nurses and other pure health care professionals.


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