Unifor Local 333 Bc Collective Agreement

BC Transit and staff represented by Unifor Local 333 have ratified a new agreement as part of B.C Williams` federal government`s sustainable services bargaining mandate. Williams said specific concerns could range from health and family issues to working conditions or even a uniform that is appropriate. VICTORIA – BC Transit and Unifor Local 333 are pleased to announce that a preliminary work agreement has been reached. Ben Williams Unifor National Representative 250-384-4423 250-888-8696 ben.williams@unifor.org details of the agreement will not be released until after ratification. Unifor Local 333 and the board of B.C Transit have ratified the agreement. With the agreement, a complaint about bad faith negotiations was dropped by the union. The agreement focuses on improving services to people and ensuring fair and affordable remuneration. The current employment contract between BC Transit and Unifor 333 expired in March 2019. Currently, nearly 240,000 public sector employees are covered by interim or ratified agreements reached under the mandate. The provincial government said in a statement that the agreement included the potential for additional increases over the next four years “if the B.C. economy exceeds the annual forecasts of the Fores Economic Council.” In addition to an overall wage increase of 5.5 percent, the deal involves a “craft adjustment” of 2,$US per hour for workers like mechanics, mechanics and welders, said Ben Williams, president of Local 333.

The review and ratification of the agreement by Unifor 333 members and the BC Transit Board of Directors will take place in the coming weeks. “There are a lot of different people in the workplace and a lot of different problems that arise,” he said. “Personally or professionally, we want to make sure that women in the workplace have someone they are comfortable with and discuss issues with.” The sustainable services bargaining mandate supports the government`s commitment to improve the services people rely on, make life more affordable, and invest in sustainable economic growth. The mandate is in line with B.C.`s commitment to balanced budgets and sound financial management. BC Transit Communications 250-880-1303 Media@bctransit.com More than 700 union members voted on the contract, which applies retroactively to April 2014 and will continue until March 2019. All are part of Unifor Local 333. “In today`s market, craft trades have effectively been underpaid for market conditions for crafts,” Williams said. He said that only one category of driver was a key element of the contract. To learn more about collective bargaining in the public service in B.C:www.gov.bc.ca/psecbargaining The provisions include wage increases, the elimination of part-time work, the end of different categories of drivers and the appointment of a female lawyer.

The company will pay for the lawyer`s training and cover the advocacy working time….


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