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.. #po_novel_weddingagreement weddingagreement_the_novel Bians… Men who are in love. There are several types of men in a woman`s love. Bian is a man who, if he is in love, will find it hard to forget him. Like the lyrics of a song, it has been abandoned, it can no longer go up. Fatkhul Rebekah`s novel about married life is beautifully packaged with easy and easy-to-understand language. The story that has happened is very close to our environment. “Yes,” I replied cautiously.

Instead of the relief I received, my heart was beating faster. The feeling of vigilance started to haunt me because Raka doesn`t want to talk about serious things like this. It makes the atmosphere more cumbersome than usual. I then sprayed enough perfume on some parts of my body, intending to make them happy and happy for our first night. Ah, but not really. Twice, Raka almost raped me. Now that we`re married, whether she wants to touch me or not, I don`t want to take care of her anymore. Even if hatred is deeper and deeper, it is undeniable that love is always in the heart. How did you not do it? For years, I loved Raka, I survived, even though she neglected me and sometimes hurt me, and now…

After our wedding, even Raka himself made an offer. I`m not going to waste this opportunity as much as I can, I`m going to fix everything and try to make Raka happy and love me again. Fatma Wati This story is romantic, but well wrapped in wisdom. I love this story. The atmosphere had become calm again. The sound of the clock was louder because only two of us were in this room, with no meaningful conversations or movements. After everything that`s happened, I`m here. I`m still in front of the big mirror.

I didn`t even get a chance to change. It`s so hard to have this pretty dress from my body. I always want to enjoy it. Enjoy the remnants of a wedding party that I hope only happens once in your life. What are those dresses? It`s beautiful, and it fits perfectly into my body, but I don`t like it because it`s too open and a little impregnated. Did she deliberately choose a nightgown for me? Isn`t he rich? But why does he have to give clothes that lack this material?! Have you met Bian? The man in the new marriage contract? You may not like Bian at first glance. Did Raka know I met Galang yesterday? Ah, but it doesn`t feel possible. He must be busy with his own business. In addition, I am afraid that there is no special relationship between Galang and me. I don`t think Raka cares. Do not blame Bian if he intends to end the marriage immediately.

I decided to change clothes, remove all the decorations that were still attached to my head and not forget to remove the makeup. “Yesterday, I… I stopped, and all of a sudden I got more and more nervous, especially Raka was still busy eating her food. A disturbing attitude that I think he did on purpose. “Can I ask you a question?” Long enough that I can wait for Raka to finally come back to express herself. I sped up to hear my body stretch with a stopped breath. That morning, Raka suddenly asked me to accompany her for breakfast by Martha, only this time 15 minutes earlier than usual. I thought it was a good start to fixing our relationship, but Martha said there were some serious things Raka wanted to talk to me about. “Did you go anywhere last night?” I was stuck, my body immediately froze with its breath. “Last night, you didn`t do your good,” Raka begins to speak, and it seems that she is whispering to herself and not looking at me.


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